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  • Q: What time does jettzy show?

    A: The departure and arrival times are the local time of the departure and arrival airports.

  • Q: Why is my booking cancelled?

    A: Jettzy automatically cancels unpaid bookings after a certain time frame. If you still wish to complete your purchase after your booking is cancelled, you will need to make a new booking. Please note the price changes in real time, so once a booking is cancelled,and the price changes, the airfare for that booking is no longer valid.

  • Q: How long does it take for the ticket to be issued, after I have paid?

    A: Jettzy uses a robotic ticketing system, normally the electronic ticket will be issued and emailed to you within 10 minutes, after the payment is made. There can be rare circumstances where staff intervention is required during the ticketing process, as a result, the process may take longer (usually less than 12 hours). In the case where a ticket cannot be issued, we will take the initiative to contact you and process a full refund immediately.

  • Q: Can I cancel an unpaid booking?

    A: Yes. You can cancel the booking by clicking the "Close" button on the "Booking Details" page.

  • Q: What do I do, if I made a mistake in the information I put in during the booking, i.e. name spelling? Can I modify it?

    A: No, you cannot modify a booking once it's created. We suggest you make a new booking if you are yet to make payment. For paid and ticketed bookings, please submit a refund request by click the Refund Button in the Booking Details page, our staff will contact you and take you through the process.

  • Q: How do I check my booking details?

    A: Click “Manage Bookings” on the top of our website. Click "Find My Booking", enter your email address and booking number to open up your booking details. Or click "View all bookings", and follow the instructions to open a list of all bookings made with your email address.

  • About booking status

    Pending Payment- You have submitted a booking and have 60 minutes to complete the payment

    Issuing - Payment has been processed and we are in the process of issuing your ticket.

    Closed - Your booking has been closed, or in other words, cancelled.

    Issued - Your ticket has been successfully issued.

    Change request in process - We are processing the change request for this booking.

    Refund in process - We are processing your refund request for this booking.

    Change Completed - We have successfully processed your change request, you should have received your new ticket.

    Refund completed - We have successfully processed your refund request.You should have received your refund payment.

  • Q: Can I select a seat?

    A: Yes. Online seat selection on most airlines are made available to Jettzy customers, you can select your seat in the "Extras" page. Some airlines may not support this function or give confirmation to seats selection.

  • Q: How do I select a seat?

    A: If you booked with an airline which enables online seat selection, you can see the seat map which shows free seats ande charge seats on "Extras" page during booking.

  • Q: Why can’t I select a seat on a particular flight?

    A: It depends on whether the airlines and/or some certain flights make the function of seat selection available to our APIis up to each individual airline to make such function available to our API.

  • Q: If my seat selection is unconfirmed, can I get a refund?

    A: We will try our best to book your seat. Howeve, a small group of airlines’ systems may not return a confirmation on seat selection requests. If the seat is not confirmed, we will refund the fees of the failed seat.

  • Q: If I cancel my flight, can I get a refund of seat fee?

    A: If your flight is changed or cancelled, whether the seat fee can be refunded is subject to the airline’s policy. However, Jettzy's service fee will not be refunded.

  • Q: Can I request special services such as a special meal, wheelchair, baby bassinet etc.

    A: Yes. You can book the special service on "Extras" page. If you forget book special service during booking, please contact us to add. Special services are subject to the airline’s policy and availability. Additional fees may be charged for special services by the airline. Jettzy will charge a service fee as well.

    We cannot guarantee that the requested service will be confirmed. If the flight ticket is comprised of several short and long-haul components there is a possibility that the service is available only partially. In some cases the airline might not be able to provide the special service as originally requested.

    Jettzy will try its best to make sure that the airline provides you the requested special service, but should not be considered responsible in the opposite case. It will not be refunded in case your request is not confirmed.

  • Q: How long do I have to make the payment?

    A: You have 60 minutes to make the payment after booking confirmation. Bookings will be automatically cancelled if not paid within 60 minutes.

  • Q: How can I view or print my booking receipt?

    A: In general, you can use a copy of your itinerary also as a receipt.

    You can also view and print a standard receipt for your booking directly from your itinerary page.

  • If you know your booking number

    1 . Go to the Booking Details page.

    2 . Enter the email address you booked with and the itinerary number.

    3 . Select My Booking to view and manage your booking.

    4 . In the Price Summary section, select View Itinerary.

    5 . To print the Itinerary, select the Print button.

  • If you forgot your itinerary number

    1 . Go to the "Find My Booking" page.

    2 . Enter the email address you booked with, enter the verification code, and you will see all the bookings.

    3. Retrieve your itinerary number from the email, and follow the steps described above to view and print your receipt.

  • Q: What do I do if I encounter a problem with the payment process?

    A: If you encounter a problem during the payment process, please visit the "Payment Troubleshoot" Page for more information.

  • What do I do if my payment is declined?

    If your payment is declined, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

    ReasonWhat to do

    You exceeded your card limit.

    Confirm the card has enough funds available (either check your account balance or contact your card issuer), or try another card.

    You have a typo in the payment details, such as incorrect billing address or card expiration date.

    Verify you entered accurate information.

    You entered an unsupported payment method.

    Check on the payment page whether your payment method is accepted.

    Your card issuer couldn't authorize your transaction due to a technical glitch.

    Contact your card issuer or try again.

    The card issuer noticed a charge that doesn't fit your normal spending pattern and blocked the transaction to protect you.

    Contact your card issuer for help.

  • What happens if I make several/ duplicate payments?

    Payment function of a particular booking is closed once the booking is paid, in extremely rare situations where merchant bank’s system does not provide feedback correctly it may allow customers to make repetitive payments for the same booking. The duplicated payment will be refunded in the next working day and may take up to 3 working days to show up on your credit card statement.

  • Some bookings are non-refundable, if you change or cancel a non-refundable booking you will not receive a refund. You can check the refund rules and restrictions of your booking in booking details before initiating a refund.

    For partially or fully refundable bookings, click "Refund button" in the "Booking Details" page to submit your refund request.

    If your booking is eligible for refund, we will process it within 48 hours. Airline refunds take approximately 12 weeks to process. If you've bought the Premium package, you will not have to wait for the airline's possible 12-week refund when you cancel your booking, we will give you a refund within a week.

    After we process your refund, it may take up to 5 working days for your financial institution to post the credit to your account, and up to 2 billing cycles for that credit to show on your statement.

    You will be refunded in the same form of payment and currency you used when booking.

  • Some changes or cancellations are subject to fees. Rules and restrictions of your booking can be found in the Booking Details page. Other than the change fees, often it can also be additional collections subject to the demand and availability of the flight you change to. Calculating change fees and additional collections may take up to 24 hours if confirmation is needed from the issuing airline.

  • Changes

    You can submit your change request by click "Apply for change" button on "Booking Details" page to change a paid and issued bookings.

    We will check your specific ticket to get the detailed airline charges, as Airline change fees apply to each individual ticket issued. Changes may not be permitted. If you have purchased a fare that permits change, most airlines will charge a service fee. Plus, fare difference may apply subject to the demand and availability of the flight you change to.

    Other than the airline's change fees, Jettzy's service fee applies as well. We will process the change once we collect all the fees.

    Click to view the charging rules>>

  • Name correction

    Names provided for ticketing purposes must exactly match names as they appear on each traveller's passport. Name change policy varies from airline to airline. Some airlines do not allow name changes at all – so please ensure the names provided in your reservation match your passport details.

    The process of correcting the name provided in the booking (and therefore reflected on your ticket) is governed by the individual airline's policy and the multiple steps involved are then processed by Jettzy. Jettzy charges a service fee.

    Airline change fees apply to each individual ticket issued.

    Click to view the charging rules>>

  • Cancellation and refund

    You can submit your change request by click "Apply for cancellation" button on "Booking Details" page to change a paid and issued bookings.

    Canceled bookings will incur charges, which can be up to 100% of the cost of booking, regardless of whether travel has commenced. Check with your consultant and the fare rules if the fare is refundable, as not all fares can be refunded. Airline refunds take approximately 12 weeks to process.

    If you have purchased a fare that permits canceled, Jettzy charges a service fee for refunds related to partial or complete cancellation of a flight booking or reservation.

    Airline cancellation fees apply to each individual ticket issued.

    Click to view the charging rules>>

  • Q: What is a coupon?

    A: A coupon can be issued by Jettzy, which will provide a discount, when all corresponding conditions are met. You can collect the coupon in the coupon center and check for coupons in "My Coupons" page.

  • Q: How can I get a coupon?

    A: You may get coupons through the Coupon Centre; or by participating in specific activities; or by redeeming a coupon code.

  • Q: Will the coupon expire?

    A: Yes. You can see the validity period in the details of the coupon.

  • Q: How do I use a coupon?

    A: The Jettzy coupons you recieve are only applicable to Jettzy. If the product you wish to purchase meets the usage rules of the coupon, you will be able to select the coupon during the booking of the product. Each coupon can only be used once and you can only use one coupon per booking.

  • Q: My coupon is shown as "occupied". What does that mean?

    A: A coupon will be shown as“occupied”when it has been used for another booking. The coupon can be used if the previous booking is cancelled or closed.

  • Q: If my booking is cancelled, will my coupon be returned?

    A: Normally, when an unpaid booking is cancelled, the occupied coupons will automatically be returned to your account. This may take a few minutes, please wait patiently. If the coupon expired when the booking is cancelled, the coupon cannot be used again.

  • Q: If a refund or change occurs, will my coupon be returned?

    A: After using a coupon, if a refund or change occurs, the coupon will not be returned.


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